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Healing for a better world.


Our cardiologists keep your heart healthy by educating you about the basics of heart care.


Whether you are looking for pain-free, gentle dentistry care or need an affordable dentist for your family, we can help you.


We ensure we look after the client through their journey from early triage through to their independence


We provide a full suite of services for all your eye care needs. We are passionate about delivering patient-centric and effective specialist eye care,


A one-stop Obstetrics and Gynaecology clinic for all types of gynaecology conditions, with strong expertise in managing unplanned and troubled pregnancy.


we believe that healthy children make happy parents. To achieve this, our paediatricians work together with you to ensure your children receive the care they deserve.


The AGH Division of Dermatology includes all medicine dealing with the skin and its associated diseases. The division offers clinical care, consultations, and residents and medical students instruction.


The dietitians and diet technicians work in an interdisciplinary fashion with other healthcare members to provide the best care for our clients.


The Department of Urology of the Jewish General Hospital, is committed to the highest standards of patient care, research and medical education.


Hormones are the main focus of the medical speciality called endocrinology. For our daily survival, hormones are inevitable and significant. They regulate our growth, stress, sleep, emotions, and many other factors.

ENT & Laryngology

ENT & Laryngology The department of ENT is considered one of the best in the country with Nationally renowned ENT SPECIALISTS with vast experience and consists of State of Art equipment for diagnosis and surgery.


The Radiology Department at the American General Hospital provides diagnostic imaging services to out patients starting from the age of 16, inpatients, as well as ambulatory patients. The department is staffed with board-certified radiologists who work closely with the specially trained radiology technologists in performing each imaging procedure.


Physiotherapists evaluate physical impairments and disabilities of the neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems. The goal of treatment is to maximize functional performance and promote independence.


The AGH Psychology Division provides clinical service, consultation, teaching, supervision and research within the Department of Psychiatry and other medical specialties within the hospital.


The field of Rheumatology encompasses many diseases; there are over 100 types of arthritis alone. Most patients at the JGH Division of Rheumatology have pain in the joints not caused by trauma.


Endocrinology is a subspecialty of medicine that deals more with patients’ quality of life than with life-and-death issues. Not too many years ago, diabetic patients had a short life span and a very poor quality of life.

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Prompt and real care is what you get there. AGH it is!

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AGH is the right place when it comes to health care.